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Singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist GRAY combines the timeless, soulful and acoustic sensibilities of old, and the powerful modern production quirks of infectious indie singer-songwriter Pop. 

'In The Absence Of Colour', his debut album released in August 2021, has independently amassed upwards of 500,000 streams, and its songs have appeared on more than 10,000 personal playlists. 

GRAY was a winner in the International Songwriting Competition with his debut single, 'Something Warmer', competing against the last (predominantly signed) 1% of 26,000 entrants. His track, 'Another Life' was BBC Introducing in Suffolk's 'Track of the Week' in March 2021.  GRAY is active in promoting healthier ideas of masculinity via his creative work with PhD (Cand.) Brendan Kwiatkowski (@remasculate)

GRAY will spend the rest of 2021 gigging, writing and recording his first productions as an AWAL artist, to be released from February 2022.

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